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****Retrieving the Past Seasons 3 and Epilogue. Note Retrieving the Past is now FINISHED as a complete game.

Synopsis: You play as the handsome, fit, and capable Jensen Wenchester, a former Captain in Team 5 Infiltration Unit, Army Rangers, years ago, but now the successful owner of his own business, Wenchester Security Company. You have several homes, a successful company, and amazing colleagues, and that seemed like enough. But there's something happening and life is about to get complicated, and somehow it all ties back to the events forgotten in the past. Somehow you are going to need to uncover things so buried you didn't even know you'd forgotten them. Things are going to be exciting as you begin Retrieving The Past.


  • Hypnosis / Mind-control
  • Subliminal Manipulation
  • MILF
  • Teen Daughters
  • Anal
  • Feet
  • Oral Sex
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Voyeurism

Other support characters get a spot as well, like the father, or the protagonist's best friend.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I'd love to hear from you the reader/player regarding each season and the overall experience. Even though RTP is done, one never knows what may happen in the future. Let me know.


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I really enjoyed playing the game, really only two criticisms. I think the game could have either been fleshed out in each season or have been one large season or 2 smaller ones as they are very much connected. You have to play them in order and in quick succession to not forget the plot. Second is mostly a personal gripe.. I wish there was a harem ending as I liked all three characters, nonetheless I understand why it was written like that, it adds to the realism of the story. 

Definitely worth the 10$ for all three seasons. Kudos to the dev, I look forward to playing his other games when they are fully released.     


Hey... thx for comments and playing. I will be releasing RTP on Steam later this year. That version will be one single game combined.

I have to agree to some part that a harem would have been great. BUT it was written not to be one and to have deviated from that idea/story line would've damaged the game more I believe. Some people also wanted incest but that was not part of the plan.

Alternate Existence is next game I'm working on now, so see you in a year or two once it's done lol...

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Please can you tell me if you need seasons one and two to play this or are they included? Thank you.

YES you need them. RTP is very much a story driven VN and you definitely need to start with Season 1.

OK, thank you. I will see if I can seek them out.


Make it free


No offence,  but that would not be fair to all the many hours of work the developer (s) have put into the game. Would you do 100's of work for free? I don't think so.

NOTE: OK so android uploaded. Let me know if not working.

NOTE: There is a problem with the Android version. I am working on fixing it. I'll upload to same folder once I manage to fix it.

NOTE:  I picked up a small error in Episode 6 which i have fixed now. So please download Ep6 files again. Apologies for this ...

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I hope you all enjoyed Retrieving the Past as a Visual Novel and get ready to enjoy my next game called Alternate Existence...

I will be making RTP available for $12 in coming months for the complete 3 seasons which I feel is a good price, but only in coming months. For now each Season is $5 which is also a very good price I feel. Let me know what you all think in comments.


I just saw this as I was going to request a collection. Make it a single game with a single save and I'd personally be happy to pay a bit more ($18?) .

Hey... that would mean a bit of work. It was released in episodes and seasons when I made it. So unfortunately it will not be made into one single game. Sorry.