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Hey Mr.Knobb just a warning. Found a posting of your game with the same title "Retrieving the Past v2.1.0 by the "attackhentai" author on Might be a fake copy of your game posted on Just thought you should know.


Ok... Updated Season 1 with updated images/animations for some episodes.

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PLEASE NOTE: I have decided to use the STEAM images/animations for Season 1 for the current versions of Season 1 i have on all other platforms, itch included. SO I'll update Season 1 soon to be similar to what Steam version has. Steam version will just have a gallery section which extra.

Can you put it on Mega?

So sorry for late reply. I only use Mega for my current game I am making, RTP use to be on mega. Now i store it on Gdrive sorry.

 I've just noticed a weird cutting on the beach on the right hand side from the sea to the top of the palm tree that was cut off a inch from the top of the screen, when jensen picks to hang out with Victoria, not a huge issue just caught my eye and made me go umm I don't thing it was meant to for the 2 layers to be cut that way lol!!! 

Yours Mr gatez

Thx... that looks like a strange Photoshop error. So no not meant that way. Thx for pointing it out.


that's not a problem i had a feeling that you may not of been aware of it lol >:) >:) >:)

The free download is not working, just in case you are wondering why players still have not tried it out. It looks good and I think you did right by letting new players sample the goods before committing, but all for nothing if the link leads to a dead download. maybe you could post your Patreon site and let the free download happen through there?

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Hi ALL...
I've been talking to some people and to attract more players I guess I've decided to make Season 1 free for a time (donations basis).
Now for those who bought it, Thank you and I hope this decision now is not an annoyance but something you guys/gals understand.

IF any of you who have bought Season 1 already feel its unfair, please contact me.

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NOTE: I will make the complete game available to buy as one unit but the price will be $12 which I believe for 3 Seasons consisting of 6 episodes per season I feel is fair. But this I will only do in a months time or so.